Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shirt to Girl's Skirt

 I know I said I would show you Sophia's matching skirt
and i'll definitely get to that at some point
but she's usually sleeping when I think about taking pictures.

Anyway, here's a cute skirt I made for Elli
out of a Tank Top I had laying around. 


Twirly Girly!

Closeup of the front


Here's the instructions:

Cut the bottom half off of a tank top (Baby doll type works best). 
Make it into an elastic skirt. 
There's many tutorials out there telling you how to do this 
so go ahead and google it =]

Optional: Take the top half and cut out some pockets. 
I love pockets on skirts! And so does Elli!

Pockets in action!


She's happy to wear this coral skirt to play!

That's it! 
It was so simple and a great way to use a cute shirt I had lying around. 
Seriously, You can use anything to make kids clothes!
 Thanks for reading!

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  1. That used to by my shirt, then I gave to Jenny, now it's Elli's! Hand-me-down level: Pro!