My name is Megan and Welcome to my life!
I'm a wife to Caleb. Coming up on 5 years December 2013.
I'm a Mom to Elli (3 years) and Sophia (10 months).
I have an Associates from BYU-Idaho.
I sew, cook, sing and play piano.
I used to be a Music Major until I decided to have a family.
I'm a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

How is this blog different from other blogs out there?
Well, it's probably not crazy different.
This blog is special because my girls are special.
I always want to make pretty things for them.
With every single project, I imagine Elli wearing it while playing in the dirt.
I imagine my Sophie spilling food all over it and me scrubbing the stains out with Shout.
Some may think, then Why bother making these things? 
Because they are well loved and adored by my girls.
Sometimes I make things for me more for frugalness than cuteness.
But mostly, I sew for these girls!

As long as my girls are happy, i'm happy.
And they're happy to wear dresses every single day while they run and play,
I'm not going to hold them back!
I'm going to create for them. My girls!

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