Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Painted Purse - Stripes

I posted my first painted purse last week.
Here is another one I made.
I actually painted both of these
the same day.
See the painted pretties?

The painting itself took about
30 minutes total.
It just took me a week to 
glue the handles on this one
because pulling out a glue gun
takes so much time...

I don't know which one I like better
but I love them both!

Here is the inspiration bag:

Here's how I made my bag. 
Some are repeat photos
from the last post
but it doesn't hurt to recap.
Ready, go!

Only spent $0.80 for the belt strap!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Painted Purse Tutorial

My mama pinned this a little while ago.

I love this bag!
and it only costs $20!
Yeah, that's a steal of a deal!
I wish I had $20 to spend on this!

But alas, I do not.
With Caleb in Graduate School
and me home with the girls,
we really try to spend our money wisely.
Sometimes that means not spending it.
$20 bucks doesn't seem like a lot
but this is what $20 can buy for our family.

That's right, Groceries!
A whoooole weeks worth! 

When Caleb and I were first married,
we would spend $20 a week on groceries
for just the two of us.
We spend a little more now
for our family of four
but it's still my goal to only spend $20 a week. 
Groceries aren't glamorous
but who wants to be glamorous
when you have a family to feed?
See this family?

 Yeah, they get hungry sometimes...

 But seriously folks,
I don't have $20 
so here's a tutorial instead
of a knock-off sort-of.

Here's my purse!
Yes, I painted this!
Not my 3 year old daughter ;)
It's not glamorous
but I like it 
and that's all that really matters!

Here we go:

I used Acrylic paint
This isn't the same purse but here's the step to sew the big pocket-like purse

The end =]

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Striped Skirt from old Ts

I made this skirt about a month ago
 From a few Tshirts.
Now here's the story:
I was with my sister-in-law-to-be Amber at the thrift store.
They sell packs of 6 shirts for 60 cents.
Math would tell you that's 10 cents per shirt.
Well, some shirts have stains,
some have logos,
and some are cut at the arms for muscle tees.
seriously, that's not even cute!
Sometimes, you will score
and get all good, usable shirts!

I wanted to make a skirt out of some tshirts
that had big, bold stripes.
Here is a pin I found
AFTER I already made my skirt.

It's a great tutorial
that shows every step!
Some technical notes:
My stripes were cut at 6 inches.
They ended up being about 5 in after seam allowance.
I used an additional shirt to line the inside.
The shirts used for the stripes  
both had logos on the front. 
I just used the bottom half and backs
so this refashion works well for lots of shirts.

Here's the pictures!

 There you go! =]
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Long to Short Sleeves

A project that is so simple
that you will wonder why I even made a post about it!
I'm mostly posting because
i've never actually tried it myself.
It's very easy!
Here's just one example
of a Pin that talks about doing this:

This Pin over at Make-it-and-Love-it!
is actually a really great post 
about taking the scraps and turning them into 
something darling and sweet! 
I didn't do that.
I just shortened the sleeves.

Here's the first shirt I did. 
This probably took 10 minutes.
Can you tell i'm all about the short projects?
Time is very valuable
and as much as I love to sew
I don't want to spend more than
a few hours on one project.

Shirt numero uno

Yes yes, admire the work.
Oooh, ahhh! 

Here's some pictures to show what I did
Not that you needed them anyhow.
Once again, you readers are smart
and know what's going on
so I know you can just follow along
with the pictures! 

Any questions? No? Good!
Enjoy doing this to all your cute winter clothes!