Monday, May 6, 2013

Seriously Easy Maxi Dress

I remember when I first saw this Boho Maxi Dress. (<--link)
I am certain you have seen it too.

I liked the idea of this dress.
BUT I have never tried to make it or anything similar to it.
It seems easy enough
And comfortable
And CUTE! 
So why would I refuse to make this maxi-beauty?

I just have one problem: I'm short. 
Long dresses tend to make me look...overwhelmed. 
I usually stay far away from them! 
And I mean FAR away!!!
I even have a few maxi skirts that are trendy and fashionable.
I don't even wear those very often.

I knew the day would come. 
I would attempt to make something that I might absolutely hate.

 That day was today.
I had some black fabric laying around  
and this dress was supposed to take 10-15 minutes 
so how could I argue against trying it out?

Even if I messed it up, I could just turn it into a skirt. 

And, let me tell you...
Just, wow.

I never would have suspected that this would have turned out the way it did! 
Not only do I love it
Not only did it take me 10 min to make 
(seriously, this was so fast)
I want to make fifteen more of these!

Seriously, it's that awesome!
So please do yourself a favor
and make one (or fifteen) of these beauties!

You know this thing is bomb because i'm posting pictures of myself
with mirror pictures.
We're going old school with myspace style pics!


I seriously feel amazing wearing this baby!


It even has some nice Dolman sleeves

Here's what I did: I followed the tutorial (link to pin at beginning of post).
I took a shirt I already had and traced the neckline according to the shirt.
I cut the sleeves 6 inches instead of 8 inches per tutorial suggestion. 

I also started out with less fabric (40 inches). 
This wasn't a style choice. It's just what I had on hand.
So if you wanted to create the same silhouette for yourself,
take your widest measurement at hips and add 4-5 inches. 
That is your total width.

I sewed one seam down the two raw edges.
I then rotated the dress so the side-seam ran down the center of the back.

So this dress only has one back seam instead of two side seams.
Sew the top seam. Cut the neck, sleeves and bottom to desired length.
 Add belt, necklace, and continue to look Amazing!

Done and Done!

Thanks for reading!


  1. ummm hello!!! you look amazing and so does that dress...we know how challenged I am at sewing so I will probably buy something but it looks amazing!

    1. Yeah right Kelli! You can seriously make this dress!!! Maybe I should include a video of the 3 steps I took to make it...maybe that would help ;)

  2. Nicely done, Megan! You did say you want to make like 15 of these, so maybe you can just make one for the rest of us! :) Just kidding. I am seriously tempted to try this. I'll wait til I can actually fit into something like this again, though!

  3. Gorgeous what an easy dress. I love Maxi's must try this.

  4. This looks great? I have a question though - how did you finish the neck and sleeve edges? Or, did you leave them unfinished?

    1. This took a long time to reply. Sorry about that. I left the neck and edges unfinished. When you use Jersey knit, you do not need to finish the edges. If you would like to, you can sew a small rolled hem. I always choose the path of least resistance. Happy Sewing!