Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Long to Short Sleeves

A project that is so simple
that you will wonder why I even made a post about it!
I'm mostly posting because
i've never actually tried it myself.
It's very easy!
Here's just one example
of a Pin that talks about doing this:

This Pin over at Make-it-and-Love-it!
is actually a really great post 
about taking the scraps and turning them into 
something darling and sweet! 
I didn't do that.
I just shortened the sleeves.

Here's the first shirt I did. 
This probably took 10 minutes.
Can you tell i'm all about the short projects?
Time is very valuable
and as much as I love to sew
I don't want to spend more than
a few hours on one project.

Shirt numero uno

Yes yes, admire the work.
Oooh, ahhh! 

Here's some pictures to show what I did
Not that you needed them anyhow.
Once again, you readers are smart
and know what's going on
so I know you can just follow along
with the pictures! 

Any questions? No? Good!
Enjoy doing this to all your cute winter clothes!

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