Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Painted Purse Tutorial

My mama pinned this a little while ago.

I love this bag!
and it only costs $20!
Yeah, that's a steal of a deal!
I wish I had $20 to spend on this!

But alas, I do not.
With Caleb in Graduate School
and me home with the girls,
we really try to spend our money wisely.
Sometimes that means not spending it.
$20 bucks doesn't seem like a lot
but this is what $20 can buy for our family.

That's right, Groceries!
A whoooole weeks worth! 

When Caleb and I were first married,
we would spend $20 a week on groceries
for just the two of us.
We spend a little more now
for our family of four
but it's still my goal to only spend $20 a week. 
Groceries aren't glamorous
but who wants to be glamorous
when you have a family to feed?
See this family?

 Yeah, they get hungry sometimes...

 But seriously folks,
I don't have $20 
so here's a tutorial instead
of a knock-off sort-of.

Here's my purse!
Yes, I painted this!
Not my 3 year old daughter ;)
It's not glamorous
but I like it 
and that's all that really matters!

Here we go:

I used Acrylic paint
This isn't the same purse but here's the step to sew the big pocket-like purse

The end =]

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