Monday, May 13, 2013

Kids Shorts

Sorry for the lack of posts!
I've been pretty tired these days.
I've made lots of stuff 
but I am lazy forget to take photos 
of what I am actually working on. 

Here are some shorts I made a week ago 
for my 3 year old lady. 
I used the bottom-hem cut offs from a pair of pants.
Cut off scraps courtesy of my Mama.

Let's get a little sidetracked for a moment:
My mom is Amazing!
She should actually have her own blog
because she's one of the most creative people
I have ever met!
She is an incredible inspiration to me!!
Something to strive for!
Here's just one of her Pinterest boards
in case you wanted to know.
She's great! =]

Leona Breck

I'm probably in a Mommy-I-love-you! mood 
because of Mother's Day
and because i'm always in her sewing room 
making these projects to share with all you lovelies out there!

Back to the project!
 You readers are pretty smart 
so i'm probably not going to say a lot about these. 

If you have never made pajama pants before 
(which is usually project numero uno when you start sewing) 
try making some just ONCE 
and you will forever know the basics of making shorts and pants. 
Okay, here we go!



The End =]
Thanks for reading!
As always, post any questions 
or comments you may have!

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