Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Striped Skirt from old Ts

I made this skirt about a month ago
 From a few Tshirts.
Now here's the story:
I was with my sister-in-law-to-be Amber at the thrift store.
They sell packs of 6 shirts for 60 cents.
Math would tell you that's 10 cents per shirt.
Well, some shirts have stains,
some have logos,
and some are cut at the arms for muscle tees.
seriously, that's not even cute!
Sometimes, you will score
and get all good, usable shirts!

I wanted to make a skirt out of some tshirts
that had big, bold stripes.
Here is a pin I found
AFTER I already made my skirt.

It's a great tutorial
that shows every step!
Some technical notes:
My stripes were cut at 6 inches.
They ended up being about 5 in after seam allowance.
I used an additional shirt to line the inside.
The shirts used for the stripes  
both had logos on the front. 
I just used the bottom half and backs
so this refashion works well for lots of shirts.

Here's the pictures!

 There you go! =]
Thanks for stopping by!

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