Monday, August 26, 2013

Catch up: Shirt into Nightie

I finally found my camera
and loaded up my photos
and in case you're keeping count
there were over 1,600 photos
to load, edit, delete, and post on here.

The bad news:
When I did find my camera, it was broken.

The good news?
I can finally share some of the projects
i've been doing at my house.

So here's the first
of however many posts it takes
to catch you fine people up

I saw this pin a year ago

I finally had a shirt that was worth using
but wouldn't make me cry if it didn't work out.
It's a delicate balance you see.

Here's the pics

 This girl won't even stay still for one pic...
 But she will pretend to sleep
because she thinks it's hilarious!
Remember when pretending was the best game ever?
I get to re-live the magic
with this little girl

 There you have it!
Nothing fancy
but something that is loved
and used a lot.

I thought the original tutorial was great!
And I will definitely do it again!

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