Monday, August 26, 2013

Catch up: Girls Leggings

I pinned this tutorial
a loooong time ago
from Make-It and Love-It!

It's a great blog btw!
Highly recommend it!
I finally got a chance to use the tutorial.

The tutorial has you make your own pattern
from existing leggings.
To trace the pattern with seam allowances,
I simply taped two pencils together
and traced around the pants with both pencils.
I'm certain I saw this tip on pinterest.
Isn't that where all good ideas come from anyway?

So here's what I did.
I used an old t-shirt for the leggings fabric.
This made them a little shorter
than the original pattern
but they turned out great!
Using a shirt made them comfy
and also made it so the bottom edges
were already hemmed and finished.
I love t-shirts
because they are great multi-taskers.
And a well deserved Thanks to Alton Brown
for coining the term "multi-tasker".
I use it all the time.
Who doesn't love Food Network
and more importantly, Good Eats?
But my affection for all things Alton Brown
and Good Eats will have to wait
For another post, another day.

Except for this tiny little story:
When I was in labor with my youngest,
my husband and I were watching Good Eats
and the doctor came in to check on me.
He saw what we were watching
and said he really liked food network
but didn't like Good Eats.
It was too "science-y"
I didn't quite understand him
and I almost told him to get out.

Back to the leggings.
Here's the pics.
This pattern was cut on the fold.

Here's what the pieces looked like
When they are laid out flat
Pin on the curved edges

Sew all the way down the curve

Sew for Elastic band
Insert elastic.
Safety Pins help this step along
Sew elastic together and close hole.

When I closed the hole, I added a piece of ribbon
to act as a tag so my girl knows
which side is the back.

She likes them already!
So if you haven't made your kid
a pair of leggings,
use the tutorial posted at the beginning
and make 1 or 6
because they are easy
and useful!

We use lots of leggings
for dresses that are too short
but are so loved by my girl
that it would likely cause harmful damage
if put away for good.
It helps extend the life of these dresses!

Thanks for reading!

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