Monday, August 26, 2013

Sophia Rose's First Birthday

I posted in July
to let you know I was still alive
and that I lost my camera.
I shared some pins
and promised to show how I used them.
Here you go:

This is
Sophia Rose's First Birthday
back in June.
Don't mind the tardiness
it was bound to happen


Food, glorious food!

Doily lanterns and store bought ones too!

Daddy and Sophia

Opening presents together.

She was excited about this one.
She actually stood up!

Smiling together!

Cousin Madison had fun too!

Sophia and Madison are only 3 months apart
with Sophia being the youngest.
My girls and Madison
are the only grandkids
and All three of these girls
LOVE to play!!

Do you see the look on Sophie's face?!

The cake and food!
Didn't take much time decorating.
We employed roses from the backyard for that.

We had cupcakes, ice cream and toppings for ice cream.
It was really really really good!
Next time, I won't even make cupcakes.
They were barely touched
because of all the ice cream and toppings!

Sophie liked the cake!
And stayed relatively clean

Happy birthday my sweet Sophia Rose!
I can't believe a year has gone by already!

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