Friday, July 26, 2013

Party Pins

My camera has been MIA for a month now
and I have been working on all sorts of stuff
BUT cannot post any photos for you.
Sad, I know.
So I have been neglecting this corner of my life

To get back on track, let me post some pins
of things I have tried and have worked well.

This Doily Banner

These Doily pom-poms.
Used a sewing machine for the stitch
Worked great!

Paper Lanterns.
Only used 10 sheets of tissue paper
and they were awesome!

Replicated this adorable cake!

And took this little "quiz"
25 things Mormon Girls Love
I only love 4 of these
(Numbers 1, 18, 20 and 25)
just in case you're wondering
So I guess i'm not very Mormon-y ;)

Sorry it's not anything new!
 Gotta work with the resources I have!
Hope to find my camera soon so I can post
Sophia's 1st birthday
and all of the fun stuff we did.

Here's my Party Board
In case you wanna see it

Thanks for reading! =]

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